About us

Whether it’s the first sip in the morning or over a tall tale around a fire, the proverbial cuppa holds a very important part of human civilization. Historically, economies were influenced, strategies cast and changed based on the humble tea and coffee.At Tsakafi, we source tsa( pronounced with a silent t like in a tsunami ) and kafi( coffee) from various part of the world and present them to our customers to choose from.


We have identified boutique bagaans and plantations in Darjeeling, Assam, Doke and Nilgiris who work on small quantities of hand rolled teas that are not processed for long preservation. These are works of passion to be enjoyed by one and all. We import select teas from China, Taiwan and Korea to bring in their specialized teas for customers in India and all over world.

Once we source these teas from the plantations, we consolidate them in our warehouse in Delhi where they are hygienically packed, sealed and shipped. The only human hands that touch the teas are the farmer’s handswho picked them and infused natural flowers or fruits.


We source green coffee beans from the hills of Coorg and Chikamagalur and these are then roasted and put for sale. We are beginning to source these beans from Africa and South America also. Since the focus is on putting together a roast on the customer’s table in the shortest possible time, we try and roast the beans based on specific orders. We pride in our filter coffee.


Spices are important to get the zing in these beverages, so we have tied up with suppliers and makers of spices from areas famous for them. We source our zafran( saffron) from Kashmir, Chai masala from a Delhi masala maker, black peppers from Kerala and so on,


The pleasure of a sip of Tsa( tea) of Kafi( Coffee) goes up exponentially if one has the right equipment and tools to enjoy them. We source hand made pottery and glass and steel ware that go best with these beverages.

We run a healthy section of Blogs and Forums where we invite users and consumers to share their recipes and experiences.