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Chai, cha, te, teh, che, ch, thee, tee! We call it Tsa .This is what tea is fondly known as in some countries across the world. Tea is second most consumed drink other than water. Idnia is te second largest producre and the largest consumer of tea in the world. India’s tea estates are places of beauty & serenity and nowadays, these have become stations of beauty, relaxation and rejuvenation. As much as a cup of tsa.


Darjeeling Tea












Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, this sylvan and historic hill station as its called is famous for its toy train and the Darjeeling tea. The tea is so popular in the global markets that the tea from this place is called just that – Darjeeling. Light and fragrant, Darjeeling tea is a leaf based tea which is consumed as it is or forms the base for many infusions.



Assam Tea












Slightly more east of Darjeeling and just before the plains in Eastern India, Assam tea is roust and bold. Fine quality black tea, the locals insist that tea used to grow here much before the British came, only they didn’t call it tea. They used to boil the leaves and have the decoction. This area is the largest producer of tea in India. Vast, bold and majestic this tea is just like the hills of Assam.



munnar tea estate











source :travel.india.com

Broadly termed the Nilgiris, this are has many plantations and though not as famous as its North eastern cousins, Nilgiris tea is coming into it own. Known to have  a whiff of the western ghats in its leaves, this is fine tea with a full body and a robust flavor.







Top 3 destinations for tea in India.

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